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Recent Movies
Date Movie Title
01.31.12 The League of Gentlemen
01.29.12 Infernal Affairs: End Inferno 3
01.25.12 Infernal Affairs II
01.22.12 Haywire
01.19.12 The Hangover Part II
01.18.12 To kako (Evil)
01.14.12 Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
01.14.12 Contraband
01.14.12 Passport to Suez
01.13.12 Skyline
Popular Directors
Movies Views Director
55John Carpenter
55Walter Hill
44Quentin Tarantino
44Fernando Di Leo
44Lucio Fulci
44Martin Scorsese
35Paul Greengrass
34Ridley Scott
34Terence Fisher
33Amando de Ossorio
Highest Rated
Movie Title Rating Stars
Black Swan10/10 stars10 stars
Chinatown10/10 stars10 stars
Dogtooth10/10 stars10 stars
The Third Man10/10 stars10 stars
Dogtooth10/10 stars10 stars
Apocalypse Now10/10 stars10 stars
Heat10/10 stars10 stars
Blade Runner: The Final Cut10/10 stars10 stars
Ronin10/10 stars10 stars
Kill Bill: Vol. 110/10 stars10 stars
Popular Venues
Movies Venue
210Netflix Watch Instantly
60Blu Ray
21TV - TCM
5Network Streaming
5TV - SyFy

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