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About Sensorial Intake

Sensorial Intake is a movie tally site for me, Ron Pringle, to keep track of all the movies I watch. This all started because a good friend of mine joined an informal group of movie fans on Twitter, called the Tallyteers, led by grandpappy Tallyteer, Schofizzy (visit his tally site). The Tallyteers keep track of the movies they watch via websites in one way or another. There's a list of all the official Tallyteers' websites in the footer of every page of this website. After watching from afar for a year, I decided to join the ranks and, utilizing code from another Tallyteer's friend, I established this website.

Since I'm also a web developer, I started heavily customizing the code since pretty much day one, adding a star rating system, pulling in movie data from TMDB, adding a blog commenting system, fixing various errors and bugs, making the code more semantic, and more. My plan is to eventually rewrite the whole thing from the ground up. This is what happens when a movie geek collides with a web geek.


Even though I eventually log everything through this website that I watch, I also use Miso, a social media checkin app and website, to check in to movies as I watch them. Since I only update this website once a week (if I'm lucky), this helps me keep track of what I watched between updates. It's also a nice way to share what I'm watching at the moment with friends on Twitter and Miso. My Miso checkin feed is shown to the right, in case you're interested. (I also use Glue, another social media checkin app, but the two are kind of redundant.)

About Me

I've been a movie fanatic for a long time, but I didn't start this site until the tail end of 2010, so it doesn't completely reflect what, or how many, movies I've watched. I'm not all about movies though. I'm married to a wonderful woman and have two boys, currently ages 10 and 12, who also occupy a lot of my time. As I mentioned above, I work as a web developer and I also serve on the board of directors of a national non-profit. That too keeps me very busy. Other hobbies include collecting vintage Japanese toys called Henshin Cyborg, riding motorcycles (currently a 1993 HD Sportster 1200), running a travel website with my wife, eJourna, and watching my beloved Chicago Cubs lose another season of baseball.

Thanks for visiting my site, I appreciate it! If you want to get in touch, you can email me or message me on Twitter.

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