Sensorial Intake
Blu Ray Movie Night (01.08.11 - 01.09.11, 3 movies)
Date Viewed Movie Director Notes
01.08.11 NinjaIsaac FlorentineGreat 80s throwback ninja movie. A fun watch.
01.08.11 All The Boys Love Mandy LaneJonathan LevineA great indie horror movie with a bit of a twist on the typical plot. Hard to believe this has not been released in the States. We watched a Region 2 import Blu Ray that Sleestakk brought.
01.08.11 The 36th Chamber of ShaolinChia-Liang LiuA martial arts classic that I had not seen yet so we threw it on. My final pick for the evening. Not everything I hoped it would be, but still entertaining. Gordon Liu was excellent. Fun flick, definitely worth a watch.


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