Sensorial Intake
February Movie Night (02.19.11 - 02.20.11, 4 movies)
Date Viewed Movie Director Notes
02.19.11 MonstersGareth EdwardsA made a special trip into Chicago with my friend Jay to see this movie on the big screen (caught it on the last night it showed too). I liked it a lot then, and I liked it even more after watching on Blu-Ray.

The interaction between the two characters, whose journey is is an emotional transformation for both of them, is great; and the "monsters" really just provide the backdrop and dramatic context for the story of these characters to paint themselves into.

I think this movie succeeds BECAUSE of its tiny budget; given constraints, it works within and beyond them to do some great storytelling that so many big budget films don't manage to pull off these days.

I know Edwards is set to direct the next Godzilla reboot, and I have no doubt he'll do a good job, but I do hope he doesn't get pigeonholed as this SFX sci-fi director. The man can tell a good story no matter the genre.
02.19.11 DogtoothGiorgos LanthimosAnother rewatch for me, this time for movie night with friends.

I loved this movie even more the second time, though it does lose some of the WTF response I had from my first blind viewing. I focused more on the smaller details and sorting out some of the stuff that didn't make sense chronologically the first time around.

Really just a brilliant piece of film making. Unlike anything you're likely to encounter.
02.19.11 Santa SangreAlejandro JodorowskyI've been dying to watch this movie again for a long time. I first caught it, almost by accident, when it played at Chicago's historic Music Box theater. I feel lucky to have seen it on the big screen.

Through the years, the movie has stuck with me because, at the time, it was just so bizarre. Since then, I've seen thousands of movies, and more than a handful have outweirded Santa Sangre easily.

When I heard Severin Films was finally releasing this on Blue-Ray and DVD, I knew I had to own it. The Blu-Ray transfer is gorgeous, though I was a bit disappointed in the Dolby Stereo sound mix. I assume Severin did the best they could given what they had to work with, but it would have been nice if it had 5.1 audio on the Blu.

Because of my movie viewing history, this rewatch didn't quite live up to expectations, but it was still great to revisit this truly strange film from my past, especially with friends, some of whom had never seen it.
02.20.11 Death Race 2000Paul BartelI haven't seen this movie in at least 20 years, and it was a fun rewatch as the final movie for our movie night. Jay had brought a Blu-Ray disc of it and the print was outstanding.

This is so much campy, over-the-top fun! David Carradine, as Frankenstein, and Sylvester Stallone as Machine Gun Joe Viterbo were excellent! It was also great to see Mary Woronov in this; I love her.

This is one of those movies I can't wait to show my kids as soon as they're old enough.


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