Sensorial Intake
Impromptu April Movie Night 2011 (04.23.11 - 04.24.11, 3 movies)
Date Viewed Movie Director Notes
04.23.11 Down TerraceBen WheatleyA viciously funny and mean little crime movie. I liked it a lot. World work well paired with Animal Kingdom (though different in intent).

Best part was that one of the characters' last names was Pringle (my last name). It's a little freaky to watch people talking about killing off 'Pringle'!
04.23.11 Fade to BlackVernon ZimmermanThis is not a great movie in the general sense of the term, but it is fun and it does hold a place in my heart. I have fond recollections of watching it on VHS back in the early '80s. It's really a nice watch for movie buffs, who will enjoy it more than the average person.

It's always interesting to revisit movies from your past. It was a bit disappointing, as Fade to Black wasn't nearly as good as I remembered it being. But it was cool to see a young Mikey Rourke in a small role in this; an actor I wasn't even aware of back then.

This movie is out of print, likely because it contains clips from a handful of classic movies. We watched a DVD copy of the VHS tape.
04.24.11 Raw ForceEdward D. MurphyAKA Kung Fu Cannibals.

Words cannot begin to describe this whacked out movie. Part sex comedy, part martial arts action, part adventure, part zombie horror! For serious.

Oh yeah, and piranhas. Salt water piranhas no less.


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