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POTADay (07.23.11 - 07.23.11, 4 movies)
Date Viewed Movie Director Notes
07.23.11 Beneath the Planet of the ApesTed PostThe first movie in our POTADay marathon, we watched all these films off the new Blu-Ray set that @sleestakk got. The prints were pretty damn nice, all things considered.

Beneath is probably the movie I've seen the most outside of the original POTA. Still, it'd been a while (btw, we started with Beneath because my kids and I had recently watched POTA, so we didn't feel the need to revisit it so soon).

Definitely my second favorite of the series.
07.23.11 Escape From The Planet of the ApesDon TaylorNot the worst of the series, but not the best by a long shot. There's some pretty silly stuff in the middle of this movie before it delves into darker territory by the end.

Probably the least coherent in terms of the plot, given that the major plot point is such a jump from Beneath. Still, it does set up Conquest quite nicely.
07.23.11 Conquest of the Planet of the ApesJ. Lee ThompsonDespite the goofiness of Ricardo Montalban's character, Conquest is pretty damn dark and mean; it really feels like a rightful heir to the original POTA more than any of the other movies.

We watched the uncut version on Blu-Ray and it's easy to see the differences. This version was a lot more violent, with some serious (though still obviously fake) blood shed.

Easily my third favorite of the series, and maybe even edges out Beneath The Planet of the Apes if I watch it a few more times. My kids really liked this one a lot.
07.23.11 Battle for the Planet of the ApesJ. Lee ThompsonEasily the worst of the five movies, Battle obviously suffers from a rushed production and a thin budget. The action sequences are terribly boring; even the attack on Ape City is tepid at best.

I do, however, like the way the movie brought the plot around full circle, back to Beneath The Planet of the Apes. Otherwise, pretty meh.


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