Sensorial Intake
Movie Night - September 3, 2011 (09.03.11 - 09.04.11, 4 movies)
Date Viewed Movie Director Notes
09.03.11 SuperJames GunnFucking brilliant and completely wrong! I loved the hell out of this movie. It goes places you just don't expect. I'm sure it offended plenty of people, which is fine by me.
09.03.11 Battle Beyond The StarsJimmy T. MurakamiA bit of nostalgia on movie night. Fun to revisit, even though it's by no means the best movie ever. A product of its times and a fun watch nonetheless.
09.03.11 Dream HomeHo-Cheung PangA fun, fun, wicked movie! And by fun, I mean the "laugh at inventive ways people die" fun, which works just fine for me.
09.04.11 The ExterminatorJames GlickenhausAn odd blend of Viet Nam actioner and gritty streets of NYC crime/revenge story. Lots of fun to watch as the closing movie for our movie night.


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