Sensorial Intake
Music Box Massacre 7 (10.15.11 - 10.16.11, 7 movies)
Date Viewed Movie Director Notes
10.15.11 Burn, Witch, BurnSidney HayersThis was the second movie of Music Box Massacre 7, a 24 hour marathon of horror movies held annually at the historic Music Box Theater in Chicago. This was my first time attending, along with my friends @patsandberg and @sleestakk (who is a veteran of Massacre).

I actually missed most of the first movie, a silent era film titled The Waxworks.

Burn, Witch, Burn, aka Night of the Eagle, was a great classic thriller/horror with witchcraft overtones and some pretty odd characters. Quite enjoyable!
10.15.11 Hour of the WolfIngmar BergmanThird movie of Music Box Massacre, and perhaps the most dense and inscrutable of the movies screened. Ingmar Bergman's only horror movie is a surrealistic meditation on how the past haunts an artist. Non-linear, with gorgeous cinematography and brilliant acting by Max Von Sydow.

I can't say I still understand it entirely, but I can say I'm still thinking on it. I'll probably revisit at some point to see if I can peel away another layer of comprehension.
10.15.11 The Abominable Dr. PhibesRobert FuestMovie number four for Music Box Massacre and a fun watch with a crowd.
10.15.11 The Wizard of GoreHerschell Gordon LewisMy first watch of this B-Movie horror classic, with a nice introduction and Q&A from the director himself, including HGL singing, with a backing band, the theme song to 10,000 Maniacs! Pretty fun time!

Movie number 5 of Music Box Massacre.
10.15.11 HalloweenJohn CarpenterFirst time seeing this absolute horror classic on the big screen and what a blast it was, despite the faded print.

Movie number 7 for Music Box Massacre.
10.16.11 PumpkinheadStan WinstonI have fond memories of this movie from watching it in the '80s, and it still holds up pretty well, anchored by Lance Henriksen's great performance and Stan Winston's lovely practical FX.

Movie number 9 of Music Box Massacre (we skipped number 8, Poltergeist, to get a late dinner).
10.16.11 The Vampire LoversRoy Ward BakerThis turned out to be the last movie for us for Music Box Massacre. We were all losing steam, and the seats around us were littered with sleeping horror fans. Pretty happy I made it through this and up to 6 am, but the reality of having to get home and get my kids ready for their final lacrosse game of the season set in.

The Vampire Lovers is based on the great vampire story 'Carmilla' by Sheridan Le Fanu, one of my favorites of the genre. This is a seedier take on the story, making explicit some of the implied lesbian eroticism of the story. You'll get no argument out of me for the movie heading in that direction!


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