Sensorial Intake

Case 39 (2009)


Movie Details

Title:   Case 39
Director:   Christian Alvart
Year:   2009
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02/07/2011

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- Pandorum

Viewing Notes


I watched this movie on 02/07/2011 at/on/via Blu Ray.

My Thoughts

I don't know if I just wasn't in the mood or what, but Case 39 just failed to impress me. Certainly, there are some creepy scenes (the hornet scene in particular), but the movie just left me feeling "meh" about the whole thing.

I'm not a particularly big fan of Renee Zellweger; her stuffed chipmunk cheeks and squinchy eyes just make it hard for me to take her seriously.

Oh well, win some, lose some.


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