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Trollhunter (2010)


Movie Details

Title:   Trollhunter
Director:   André Øvredal
Year:   2010
Genre:   Fantasy
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   11/15/2011

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Viewing Notes


I watched this movie on 11/15/2011 at/on/via Netflix Watch Instantly.

My Thoughts

Just as enjoyable the second time around.


I watched this movie on 07/02/2011 at/on/via Theater.

My Thoughts

My entire family and I made a special trip in to Chicago to see this movie at the Music Box Theater. My kids have really only experienced movies in modern theaters, so this was a chance to expose them to a different sort of movie going experience. Except for their minor complaints about the springs in the old seats, I think it was a pretty positive experience for them. They both love Chicago.

I knew enough about Trollhunter to know the sort of film making involved (handheld camera work, fake documentary style), which isn't my favorite type, but I'd heard mostly positive things and the previews I had seen looked good.

Trollhunter mostly succeeds in being a fun, sometimes scary, fantastic adventure. My kids enjoyed it immensely. They've been raised on Japanese sci-fi and superhero TV and movies, and are quite comfortable with subtitles, so that wasn't a barrier for them at all.

My youngest son, Gavin, compared Trollhunter to Cloverfield, which is still a favorite of his.

I sometimes have motion sickness issues with handheld filmmaking, but Trollhunter does a pretty good job of keeping it just professional enough for it not to be some amateur mess. I think this is probably harder than it seems like.

The Trolls were fantastic and the filmmakers did a great job on what must have been a limited budget blending the CGI'd trolls into the very real landscape.

Though I marked this as horror, really it's not that scary. There are some scenes that are tense and perhaps a bit scary, but a lot of it is actually pretty fun, and funny.

This was a perfect movie for the kids as there really wasn't much language and no real sexual or adult-themed stuff going on, with the exception of some religious references that I guess could be confusing for some kids (though, not mine).

All in all, a very enjoyable experience in a great theater for my whole family!


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